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We provide refinishing services, interior and exterior painting services, and epoxy coating services.

Our projects are in the Residential, Multi-Housing (i.e. apartments, condos), and Commercial sectors, throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. No project is too small.

We also work with realtors and landlords to prepare properties for sale and rent/lease.


Please contact us for further details. 


-Area(s) should be as clean and dust-free as possible. Work (construction or otherwise) by others should not be done simultaneously, and in fact should be completed prior to refinishing, in an effort to minimize scratching, damages or dust occurring to the finish. This includes installing new fixtures, shower doors, and even cleaning services coming through. The finish is extremely hard and durable, when used for its intended purpose, but any type of contractor-related work done after refinishing will, in most cases, end up somehow harming the finish.

-The area should be warm for proper curing within the 48-hour cure period recommended. If no heater is available and is not turned on, it will take longer than 48 hours, and in some cases, the finish may still feel tacky, which in turn can leave marks when touched or otherwise used.

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